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5 Reasons-Why many "Professing Christians" will accept the Mark of The Beast!

It has become increasingly clear that many are not of Christ....no matter how much they profess it. No matter how much God does not go away for them! The tell, tell signs are HERE and if you pay attention, you can ID those that will not withstand this Beast System but give their allegiance to the Beast......(Luke 21:36) ______________________________________ Reason #1: Their names are NOT written in the Lamb's Book of Life- Revelation 13:8-THEY will worship the Beast

Reason #2: Have not believed the Message and Gospel of The Kingdom of God (Matt 9:35/Mark1:14-15) and by so, will not have eternal life (Acts:13:38) (Matthew 13:36-43)

Reason #3: Many do not truly have the Spirit of Christ and can not and will not bare Witness to The Spirit of Prophecy-Revelation 9:10

Reason #4: Many do not have the Testimony of Christ nor keep The Commandments of God-Revelation 12:17

Reason #5

Many do not have a Witness of God the Father- therefore can not hear His words and the words of those that are of Him - His True Followers! (John 8:18)-(John 8:43-47)

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