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Are You Sitting up Under or Gathering for the wrong Message?

95% of professing "Christians" can not tell you what Message Jesus preached during His earthly assignment.>>>>> (Luke 4:43) Jesus specifically stated, "I speak that which I have seen with my Father" ...John 8:38. The preaching of the Gospel of The Kingdom of God was a reflection of the heart of the Father for mankind. "I say what I hear my father say" was the core of what Jesus reiterated over and over again.

Main stream Christianity will not accept this; how do I know? Because they reject the message of the messengers!

Sadly, MANY gather Sunday after Sunday to hear what?

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was to the nations ( your neighbors, those of other nationalities, those in the market place) We have made a permanent position out of a word call church, that has become a building instead of a movement in the earth. Jesus discipled and trained his disciples for 3yrs to preach the Gospel of The Kingdom to the Nations. He prepared them and then released them.

Are you gathering to hear the wrong message and wasting time in the earth?

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