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My Defining Moment as a Prophetic Voice

Transparent Moment: One of the most difficult matters I was challenged with from June 2014 to December 2014, was how "Prophets" coming out of religion would fit in the revelation of the Gospel of The Kingdom of God. THIS original gospel that is rarely spoken about in religion~

Prophets of religion are "Super Prophets" swollen with a word from the Lord. Drop a title of "prophet or "prophetess" and the ohhh and ahhhs come out. And, don't have a following, it gets worse. They enter a room and their movement is superior....but the Kingdom of God frowns on this sort of conduct. :/ In fact for true prophets of God, their is no such behavior. THIS is what the Holy Spirit told me when I questioned and was in turmoil behind this very subject.

-Me: " Now Father where do I fit in? Because these prophets now a days; speaking engagements, titles, public pages, busyness of ministry. This is the majority of what "that system's" prophets look like.

How and where do I fit in? Is my gifting even valid now that It has been revealed to me the True Gospel of The Kingdom of God? The ONLY FOCUS of Jesus and His disciples.

-Holy Spirit: "All of My True Prophets, spoke about and proclaimed the coming of The Kingdom of God"

I was blown away!!! PAUSE!!!! And that was all He said . He knows that He can say just 2 words to me and I will "seek it out" to understand, I DID!!!! Just as He stated, the prophets of old all the way down to John the Baptist "proclaimed" (publicly speak of ) His coming Kingdom and that Gospel!!! Wow, now, I am well rested on the matter. <3

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