"A Voice Heard in The Heavens", Kingdom  Ministries was given as a direct meaning of my  name.-Monetcielle.  Given to me  by my   late Grandmother, Maurgerite Byrd. 

Although my "Gammie" may not have known that  by naming me, she has completed The Will of  God , concernig my life.  

Monetcielle  (A Voice Heard in The Heavens ) was not easy to say as a  little  girl in elementary school,  I carried even a weightier name at such a young age that I  myself  could not say; my  teachers and others could not say, but I  knew it when I  HEARD it!

Even at that appointed time, it  held a significant weight of a Prophetic Declaration  of things to come.


My  Voice would be HEARD, but  shut down so many times as a ltttle girl, that I  learned to  talk really  fast, so that  others would not cut me off; not knowing that one day, my Voice would be HEARD, on the platforms in the Heavenlies,  where they  would indeed be expecting my arrival. 





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