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Does Religion Holds Back Your God Given Assignment?

Many in a local church today are victimized by leaders that will tell them "God Called me to do thus and so" when in actuality, this may not be the case. Often times such leaders have a dialogue from the Lord, they claim should be accepted by you and by doing so, fulfilling your assignment in the earth, must sit and wait.

When Jesus spoke to His team after they failed to cast out the little boy's demon, the question He asked was very interesting. "How long shall I be with you? How long do I have to put up with you? (Matthew 17: 17) Jesus knew that this was apart of what would be the norm for them, and yet they could not keep depending on Him . In other words He was training them to stop depending on Him and understand the task at hand and the norm of what was out there. Jesus knew that He would not be with them forever; in fact they must fulfill their assignment in the earth and that which is mandated by The Gospel of The Kingdom of God. (Mark 16:15)

The same is in this hour. Total dependence is not to be directed towards any leader. Most religious leaders gather to themselves those to be co-dependent on them, their vision, what they claim God told them to do. When in fact all Christ Followers are clearly given clear instructions to GO of which is still in effect today. True Leaders of the revealed Kingdom of God deploy others to Go. That which is of a religious system, will gather people around them for personal gain of which is not the character of the Revealed Kingdom of God.

You were born to fulfill an assignment that no earthly person can Identify to either accept or deny it. Such knowing is all connected to why you were born and why you were told to Go. The Gospel of The Kingdom of God holds all of the answers to start you on this journey, search out the Truth today!


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