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In my re-training coming out of religion, the Holy Spirit continues to lead and guide me into all truth. Recently, I was exposed to a post about a Mission Trip, and once again, I saw something in the spirit I had never seen or heard before....

Much of religion and it's blinding effects has sold many these "mission trip " assignments, and that "mission trips" are a fulfillment of the gospel"...Now before you wack me with an egg, I am NOT speaking against Mission Trips, persay.... but would like to share these thoughts, as I have seen it thru the eyes of The Spirit of Truth:

Much of religion has it's members BUSY, in the name of the Lord. From conferences, to ministries, to all sorts of causes and more. Many have felt a deep conviction to fulfill a lot of works as proof that they are "in the faith" But have you considered this?

- Jesus never traveled outside of an 80 mile radius, proclaiming The Gospel of The Kingdom of God (He had plenty of demon possesed, sick, broken hearted and those in captivity around Him)

- The Gospel of The Kingdom is practical and deals with the conditions of those, up close and personal....those you see every day.

- Called to the Nations? Did you know that many of the Nations are those right next door? Perhaps that Asian couple, that Hispanic worker, these are the Nations my friends

Finally, it sounds nothing like Wisdom, and Her teachings to have you waste money in airfare, hotel stay and other expenses, going hundreds of miles away, when there are PLENTY in your city that are homeless, poor, naked and in bondage. Why are so many this busy for religion BUT have done nothing to further this simple Gospel of The Kingdom of God? Many have the wrong Gospel, therefore have the wrong missions.

Conclusion, many are workers of iniquity; that further a religious agenda and their own way of doing things.....and call it God.

The Holy Spirit, had nothing to do with it, so do not be surprise in the last day when Christ, simply states, I never knew you.....

Father, open our eyes to our own works, that we call You. Help us to see that The Gospel of The Kingdom of God is the simply proclaiming that The Government of God, is in the land and man does not have to live in a perpetual cycle of loss- that if they will believe this Gospel and repent, be baptized, they too will go and make disciples and further the Kingdom- as in the parable of the Leaven (starts small but filtrates the whole earth) Let us SEE the way You have called for mankind and follow it, In Jesus Name.

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