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Church Mentality Vs. Kingdom Mentality..... Know The Difference

January 11, 2016

A local church mentality is all about "us" because we’re the church. If we focus first on the church we have to focus on "ourselves" because we’re the church! Christ's church is dear to the Him, so it’s OK to teach, preach and instruct in and through the church, but if you focus on the church, you’ll focus "on self". You can’t focus on Kingdom and focus "on self" because the Kingdom is bigger than the church and it’s about the Kingdom.


We’re going to have to preach The  Gospel of the Kingdom, not just salvation. We’re not told to preach a gospel of the cross. We’re told to preach the Gospel (good news) of the Kingdom of God. The Cross-Salvation,  is the entry into the Kingdom. The Good News goes beyond the cross. When we preach and teach the Kingdom, we get into the restoration of the dominion that we lost in Genesis. You see how much bigger Kingdom is? It’s God’s Kingdom functioning now on earth in a people!
When we think Kingdom rather than Church, we go to another level of authority. This is what a Kingdom mentality is all about ~ the dominion of God ~everywhere!



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The Blinded Prophet: A Title and No Message

July 11, 2015

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