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The Headless Body-Many Call The Body of Christ

Have you ever seen a head "decapitated from it's body? I have and the frightening thing is that the body can still function without the head for several minutes, until it shuts down and declared DEAD.

Yes, the arms, legs and torsal all have movement even if it is headless....gory? Yes, but I wanted you to see something in the spirit. Christ said He would build his "church" a name that has been given a bad wrap in this hour. Many have gotten the Greek, Hebrew and English term for "church" out of sorts so much so, that many think that they are "going to the church" and in this going they "can not live without this physical building", they call the "church". Christ never stated He was going to build this sort of church building, and neither did He tell us to "go to church".

Here is the correction:

Greek words found in the New Testament, this pattern which God intends His people to follow and live by is the ECCLESIA system, a system of being called out of -separated. And is RADICALLY different than that which calls itself "church" in our day, and without the enlightenment, millions have now been enslaved by the religious systems of men.

This headless body many call The Body of Christ is a body of who's, many are blinded to. However, in this body is confusion and every evil work. There are demons that never come out, sickness that is never healed and every imaginable thing in this body that would not be allowed in Him, that being Christ. These "permissions" that many have grown to accept as "allowances" is what they call The Body of Christ. In fact, if you search diligently, the head can not be found, and this headless body has not been alarmed nor is it concerned that it is headless and continues to move, as if it has a head, but there is no head in sight.

So, what Body then is this, that so many toss around like a blanket, and has made it one size fits all? Good question, and this is what I have taken before the Father asking, Who's body is that? Well, here is the answer.....It is NOT THE BODY that belongs to Christ. It is a silicone, dummy like body that was manufacture by the enemy. It looks real, moves real and sound real, BUT it has been confirmed, it is NOT His Body; as His Body has a Head and that Head is Christ....STAY TUNED ......

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