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Has it Dawned on You?

Had it dawned on YOU?

After becoming a passionate lover of and expectency for The Kingdom of God coming to the earth, the inheritance of the saints, it dawned on me OR should I say revealed to me, that the Parables about the Kingdom of God, is RARELY discussed in the "organized church". There are 37 plus parables that Christ taught and they were ALL ABOUT The Kingdom of God....amazing!!!

Did you know that the Parables were given so that the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, was not just handed to anyone? Don't believe me?

Take a look: Matthew 13:3,10-12

Jesus conitued with..."The Kingdom of God is liken unto.......

Why then is not this SAME pattern being taught as a direct command to make disciples?....something to think HARD about.

Nevertheless, when you are truly HUNGRY, you too will go and seek it OUT!!!

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