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The Error of " Accepting A Personal Savior"

Part of My Assignment in the earth is to CORRECT ERROR!

Since my eyes have been open to The Gospel of The Kingdom of God....(the ONLY Gospel that Jesus proclaimed) it has been clear to me that much of mainstream Christianity is in ERROR.

"Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?”

Did you know that Christ NEVER called us to “accept me?.”

In fact, it was quite the opposite. Jesus walked a path which called Him to be despised and rejected, betrayed and belittled, criticized and crucified. The call of Jesus to His disciples and to us "is to follow". Following requires leaving things behind and forging forward, laying down your life that you might find it, dying to yourself that you might discover the life abundant in the purposes of God. Acceptance is passive. Following is inherently active.

Yet Scripture knows nothing of a "personalized faith":. There is no scripture where Jesus asked anyone to "accept Him as their personal savior"

~I weep today unto The Lord

Me: "WHAT A HARD TASK, you have given me, is there something else You have for me to do? Father, they do not believe me Lord",

Father: "My Word will not return to me Void, Keep proclaiming This Gospel, there are those ordained to hear it and get it" "I need your voice to speak it out and I will send it to those I have intended it for"

Me: Sigh, Ok Father, I will obey you.....(headed to the 24hr Worship Room)

Keep me lifted, I have been called for this task <3

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