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Is Your "Pastor" or Leaders "Out of Order"?

Growing up in a religious system and carrying a prophetic anointing on my life, I was often told "you're out of order".

As I have come into maturity in this same Prophetic gifting, it is clear by the Authority, mandated by this gift, and of Christ Himself, I have often had to tell many of "pastors" and leaders under this same prophetic anointing and by and through a Word of Knowlegde that, they "were out of order".

Did Christ ever set this Order that His followers would have to be submitted to a "one man dialogue and that "pastors" were to have a "vision" and the only one's with this" vision"? That one (1) leader does all the talking and you sit Sunday after Sunday under such one sided condition.....the answer is NO.

The good news about all of this, is that The Gospel of The Kingdom of God NEVER set up any such Order like this and NO WHERE in Scripture, is there support of such "one-man hierarchy".

Where then did we get this from? STAY TUNED

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