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This Gospel is Only for Those that Have an Ear to Hear

Why is the announcement of God's Kingdom being established on earth "good news"? As strange as it may seem, for many people this is not good news at all! People like the gospel when it is limited to the forgiveness that is available through Christ's sacrifice. However, when they hear that God's Kingdom includes obedience to His standard of conduct, they cannot tolerate it, preferring the pagan fantasy of easy grace and its self-indulgent reward of floating around heaven in eternal idleness to the truth of the Bible. For many, the true gospel is anathema because it contradicts them, their traditions, and their ideas.

Yet, to those who "have an ear to hear," the gospel is good news. Christ's gospel is the proclamation of the coming government of God to govern all nations. The establishment of God's rule is the only way today's confused, embattled earth will ever have peace, joy, and abundance. The true gospel is the powerful message of God's government, now over individuals in God's church who voluntarily submit to that government, then later over all nations at His return.

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