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The Stability of This Gospel

The Stability of This Gospel in this hour is this; much of what is accepted to men is really rejected by God and that which is "rejected" is the very heart beat of the Father.

I was sharing with my best Prophetic Friend that when I first stepped into the Mantle on my life and coming out of the abuse in the local churches, it was my mission to be accepted and prove those that rejected me that I am who God says I am. My God the Growth that has hit my life since that time. By reason of being tried and tested, it has matured me into understanding the Assignment in the earth. The Stability of this Gospel is out of this world in that it is not predicated on a system like any other systems of this world, of "being accepted." This Gospel will clearly show you your purpose and once known, all of the other attempts to fit in die out. In fact, walking in the individual authority that has been handed down by a tried and tested process, you then CLEARLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND your value in the earth, and to your specific assignment.

Know Your Assignment in the earth according to :The Gospel of The Kingdom of God" and not the perishing system of the religious accepted.

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