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Would You Call "Christians" Dangerous?

Much of my concerns in the earth are in the form of news and or current events. I read, research and am open to understand a lot of the views of others.

As we witness this New World Order come into it's place and many of the changing laws that accompany it, I have found some rather interesting statistics among it.

It has been stated that "Christians" are the up and coming "radical" groups that have now been on the "most dangerous" OR "radical terrorist groups" of which is now being marketed on the media and abroad. Although, of course if you have taken a stand against this New System and it's agenda, I can clearly see how many would "labeled" such ones as a threat.

However, I would like to direct your attention to another place that often many will not give attention to. There is actually another confirmation arising and it is of the same persuasion that YES, "Christians" could be dangerous and caution should be sought after, as it pertains to them as a collective whole.

In the last year or so, there has been a defining division of that which is of God and that which is not. That which is false and that which is of Truth. This dividing has taken place and had become more defined as we are processing ahead. With this "dividing", it has been made clear of those that will say with their mouths that God is with them, He hears them and they are bless of Him. This "religious boasting" has gotten so LOUD that it is now ringing in the ears of those that have an ear to HEAR. (Matthew 7:21)

I am reminded of the word that Jesus spoke that in the last days, MANY will say this that and the other of their works (legitimate works) of using the same authority that Christ gave ......But are yet called "workers of iniquity" or "lawless ones" Wow, lawless? (Luke 13:27) Aren't these those that "break laws"? But what laws are we talking about here? Simple, The Laws of God and His commandments to us. (Luke 6:45-49)

If Christ calls MANY "professing Christians", law breakers, yet many are asserting they know God and hear from Him. It is then, these same ones that refuse to obey His Word in their interactions with others that are the real Christ Followers. And have presented arguments that are clearly a violation according to His Word.

(1 Corinthians 6:9-10) (Galatians 5:21

Many are unreasonable, blinded, yet demanding their rights to be right and heard. These are they that are clear violators of His Word, in word and in deed, but sense no urgency to correct such eternal matters.

Hearts un-repented, unthankful, unholy thus posing threats to those that are Christ True Followers.

Now, would it then be confirmation that we can say, that these same individuals are indeed DANGEROUS in this hour........something you may want to ponder!

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