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Not All "Christians" are the Persecuted Ones

In pondering my usual time with The Father, this persecution matter of those that "profess Christ" came up.

My line of questioning was for many that I know personally that are suffering a great deal in mind and in spirit for taking a true seperated unto Him lifestyle, for that which is of Him. Then those that say "Oh, I love the Lord, He blesses me and hears me" when by discernment their hearts are BLACK. How are 'these christians" being persecuted and this "one size fits all persecution" because I call myself a "christian"?

"They won't" The Holy Spirit said. "This persecution is agianst "The Laws of God" and anyone that obeys "My Laws" and lives them, will suffer this and carry in them the rejection, shame, despisement and betrayal". Those that I do not know that have not been acquainted with My Sufferings, but have with their mouths "made an aquantance" with Me, will conform at some point, somewhere in their lives and will be unable to withstand it"

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