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The Popularity of Those that are becoming False Prophets in this Hour

August 26, 2015



In my studies and worship time this evening, an interesting subject came up in my spirit. Why are "false Prophets" so popular in this hour?
Several things in coming into this prophetic call I noticed early on, that if you get stuck, prophesy. What does that mean? The Prophetic gift is without repentance, which means that any one can use it and do not have to adhere to  a lifestyle of obedeience to the Laws of The Kingdom of God. This gift is without repentance.


As I pondered this question, the Holy Spirit immediatly answered me: "It's because mankind  has "needs" "Basic needs" of provision, fulfillment, expectenacy and other primal needs". " When false prophets arrive, they come with the ability to "read the need", "speak to the need" and provide a "temporary solution to the need" that is often outside of the Will of God"
The Gospel of The Kingdom of God addresses the condition of men, that place that men has currently been found in.  Of which, many do not want to face and  deal with; the condition of their hearts and lifestyles that are contrary to The Mind and Laws of God.

Now, if the "need" and or the condition of men,  is not addressed by and through The Spirit of God, a false sense of that which "one thinks they need" it is there that the Popularity  is fed.  This new rise of  false prophets that are


speaking  to the "needs",  of those that have no interaction with a Living God,  and no urgent necessity of  "the need to obey the Will of God" is growing at an alarming rate.  This in turn, further leads them away from God,  and outside of His Will.

These new  false prophetic voices, (fulfilling scripture)  first robs one of the Authentic Counsel of God and replaces it with, "their reputations", "their voices", and finally, the ablity by reason of a gift without repentence to tap into what may be an "accurate ability to see and read the need";  keeping the masses co-dependant on a voice other than the leading and guiding of The Holy Spirit.

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The Blinded Prophet: A Title and No Message

July 11, 2015

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