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Religion Debunked

Religion makes sense, right? Think about it, people yearn for answers. It's our nature to attempt to attach some sort of purpose to everything. A religion can offer that along with many other myths. To be religious is to be uneducated. It offers and requires nothing of you, except to buy into a false sense of security and purpose. Many in this hour choose to listen to the fairy tale preaching of religion and it's leaders and nod their heads in acceptance. Many do... not read their bibles or pay attention to what they hear. They accept what their leaders preach alone as indisputable facts. Religion, think about it, keeps our civilization still and unmoving, when we serve an advancing God. He multiplies and advances His Kingdom in the earth. The Revealed Kingdom is apparently not required. The totality of the health and wellness for humanity as a whole is of no importance. A feel good gospel, concluded with eating, is all the evidence that is needed. In fact, any teaching to the contrary of the only Gospel that Jesus preached and told us to preached, is rejected and often ignored or obviously not understood by religion.....which has made it acceptable by the masses called Christianity- a religion void of the same Gospel Jesus preached.

It’s too bad not all of us can keep an open mind to such a non productive form in Satan's attempts to blot out Truth!


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