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Current Movement In This Hour

The walls of America/this Region are down and wide open, therefore the enemy has entered in. How is that going to effect YOU and I, that are His elect, chosen of Him? Those that belong to Him, have sensed it in their sprit, ( the hub where the Holy Spirit is giving the instructoions) He, the Sent One is giving instructions as to our next move and what we are required to do in this hour. Many others are not hearing this, why? Because they do not belong to Him. Many clearly have made choices by their refusing to obey Him, will be left out of these critical instructions. What are the Instructions? These instructions will be different according to your household. However, I can tell you this PREPARE, is the underlining movement, of what He is speaking. Prepare, all walls of your spirit -man, protect all borders of that which is in you, against the approach and enterance of the enemy. The enemy is here and wishing to enter in . But you and I know how to resist him so that he flees. Continue to resist.

Watch those around you. No need to be suspect, but then again, you have to KNOW what has approached you. The Person of the Holy Spirit will show you who each and every person that you come in contact with.....EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Will you obey, when you see what you will be shown, ? Or will you fall for loyalty and familiarity? This enemy will not stop approaching and insisting for enterance. DO NOT LET HIM IN!!!! For he is roaming as a lion seeking those to devour (I Peter 5:8)

I am excited to be living in this hour. I love to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in action...... to protect His Kingdom......by the way, is NOT OF THIS WORLD.

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