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The Derailment of The Original Church Jesus Set in Order Pt.1

In spending hours in reserach and allowing the Holy Spirit to give me answers to what I called a "failed system" that so many are hurting behind, but yet fail to discern. I have developed a passion for seeing TRUTH in this hour, TRUTH, that many refuse to see and embrace for fear of their mindset, ideologies ALL have to come tumbling down, called that which can be shaken will he shaken.

Up until John the apostle died, around 100 AD, while the Church had her troubles, the apostles did a pretty good job keeping things on track with God’s heart. But, within 50 short years after John’s death, his student Polycarp allowed the Church to begin its detour from God’s plan, as it appears to me he allowed his skill in communication and leadership to go to his head, and because men tend to exalt men over Christ, in Polycarp’s lifetime men put him on pedestal and encouraged him to see himself as one called to administrate the broader Church towards regional oversight.

Ignatius was Polycarp’s disciple as Polycarp was John’s disciple, and true to form, the disciple exceeded his master, and Ignatius took the Church into full blown regional bishopric, and the Church has never been the same since.

Fifty years saints, just fifty short years, to completely derail the Church from the style of leadership Jesus ordained for His Church for all time, with the result that Jesus’ Headship was denied and His authority usurped.

Church ceased to be “all about Jesus,” and rapidly became about the will of man for Jesus’ Church. Little by little Jesus took a back seat to the ideas, and developing traditions of man. These moves set the Church up for Constantine’s major changes, and with his sweeping reforms the Church was plunged into a quagmire of the rule of man, with all his religious laws, ideas, and traditions. We’ve been trying to dig out of it all ever since.

In my short lifetime I’ve watched the Lord carefully and yet “obviously” begin the process of seriously realigning the Church with His purposes. Why now? Why so dramatically in so short a time? I don’t know all the answers to these prophetic question, but I can see it happening, and I know it is God.

We are witnessing the Church move from a concept of “a building equals the Church,” to “people, gathering wherever, equals the Church.” We’re seeing leadership move from hierarchical one man shows, to non hierarchical and Jesus becoming the Head of His Church again. These are not small changes. These are unbelievably huge and important changes. Who would have thought such a thing would take place in so short a time? <3 ~Prophet Monetcielle

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