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There is a "Voice" that Even Goes with That Old System Pt.1

For months now, I have sat for hours and listened to what the Holy Spirit has identified as a "voice" from this old system, indentified as religion.

This same old system that is being eridicated in this hour, as those things that can be shaken will be shaken. The indentity of this "voice" has caused a mass concern, as to what I now hear is indeed a "voice" that this old system indeed has and why so many have been decieved by it.

Amazingly, and after being healed and set free from cancer, it was noticed and clear that my ear-gate and eye-gate in the realm of the spirit, took on a rather new form. My ability to see and ear in the spirit had heighten to a place, that honestly literally cause massive concern, for the lack of understanding as to why.

For just under a year, The Holy Spirit Himself has opened up to me and revealed to me things that I had never seen the entire time in what "I thought was my walk with Christ" and had been in perpexity over what I had identified by and through The Holy Spirit as this "Voice". This "Voice" that is being generate out of this old system, we clearly call relegion, that so many believers have been a part most of their saved lives......Too Be Continued!

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